Anyone `pip install scipy` success? timed out constantly



My circle.yml

    - wget
    - sudo dpkg -i circle-pyenv-python-3.5.1_1.0_amd64.deb

    version: 3.5.1

    - pip install numpy==1.11.0
    - pip install scipy==0.17.1


A year later and suddenly I’m getting this problem now.

I’m using python 2.7, but install scipy is just hanging.

It didn’t do this a month ago… anyone else?


If you have been using this image for a while, check which image you are using, and then try downgrading to an earlier version.


Which github image I’m using?


Ah no, sorry - I thought you were on Circle 2.0. Circle 2 uses a Docker image as a base machine to run builds, and these images are generally prepared and maintained by Circle employees. A number of breakages reported here come from a change in the latest version of these images.

Can you move to a Circle 2.0 machine or Docker configuration?


Not in the near term… is that necessary for scipy to install? or just for help debugging?


Mainly because Circle 1.0 is going to be discontinued, I believe in July. So you probably need to think about moving to 2.0 soonish :wink: - and if you need to do some fixing anyway, maybe now is a good time?

There’s some announcements in this forum, and on the blog, about this.

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