Proposed System Design

Hello, I’d like to know if the following proposed design can be achieved with Circl CI and if so how. I have an image included of a rough top level design. Here it is:

  1. We have the repo that we put all of our app code into. Its separate from the one we connect to Circle CI. We’'ll call that Repo “C”

  2. We have another Repo “B” that ONLY includes the circle.yml file and the .mobileprovision file for the app project.

  3. We have a third and final Repo “A” that gets populated by Repo B and Repo C. This is the repo that we have attached to Circle CI.

4)If changes are made to C, we make a commit to Repo A from C. We also pull in the configs from Repo B. We kick off a build.

it’s important to point out we’d like to archive the above in a way that’s as simple as possible

preferably we could run shell script to handle all the steps above as a pre-build process

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