Is there a tool for automating a pipeline of interdependent builds / artifacts?



We have a bunch of projects which depend on each other. For example, an iOS app which uses an in-house native library, which displays content stored in another repo.

We have a somewhat complex way of dealing with this right now which I will outline below. But I’m posting here to ask if there are any tools or systems or third-party products that do this better.

For each build:

  1. CircleCI builds it normally
  2. In circle.yml, a script zips the build outputs (.so, .min.js, .framework, whatever) and upload them to our Google Cloud Storage account
  3. In circle.yml, we trigger a build of any dependent projects using the CircleI REST API

Like I said, this system is not TERRIBLE, but it feels a little backwards, and is hard to change.

Is there anything out there that can do this?