Project not Found when Downloading Artifacts



I have two CircleCI projects and I would like to download the artifacts generated in project A into project B.

Here’s code I’m using:

    # Install JQ - used when fetching automation artifacts
    - sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install jq

    # Fetch our UI automation jar
    - curl "$org/$project/latest/artifacts?build=master&filter=successful&circle-token=$token" >> artifacts.txt
    - cat artifacts.txt | jq
    - url=$(cat artifacts.txt | jq '[.[]? | select(.url | contains("automation-ui-all.jar"))][0] | .url')
    - mkdir automation
    - wget -O ./automation/automation-ui-all.jar $url?circle-token=$token

When the project build I get the following:

cat artifacts.txt | jq
  "message": "Project not found"

Which is odd because when I run the exact same code locally it works.

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