Problem Occurs When Building AMI

When I build the AMI using CircleCI, it showed an error: amazon-ebs: error validating regions: UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation. But actually I sent the region through the environment variables and yesterday I ran this successfully. Anyone who knows what’s wrong with this?

Hi there. Is this a new project, or an old 1.0 one? You may be hitting this issue AWS Permissions are gone, but the values are still available in build environment

Good morning!

This is not a new project, we had it on CircleCI for a while - a couple of years. - I wrote that :slight_smile:




I’m sorry, Alex! That will teach me to respond the second I wake up.

If it ran fine yesterday, and today doesn’t with no changes… :thinking:

Can you open a ticket so we can compare the builds?

No worries. I got confused too :slight_smile: I got this email notification and I thought the question was addressed to me LOL. Sorry for the noise - ignore me :slight_smile:

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All good! The question to open a ticket was though :wink: