Please remove the captcha from SSO buttons

The sign-in page requires me to answer a captcha, while I can get it on some pages, in services like this, particularly when clicking on SSO buttons this is both ridiculous and annoying.

This is added to the fact that the session expires randomly, and the captcha adds to the annoyance.

Leave the bot filtering logic to the 3rd parties, Github and BitBucket, that is why we use SSO in the first place (well, some of the reasons why, but you get the point)

Hi @uda ,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the captchas. We introduced them as part of a multipronged approach to help lower the volume of users who are abusing our platform, and are continuing to monitor the effectiveness of this on our end.

I will be passing on your feedback to the relevant team, but if you have any additional concerns please feel free to let me know.