Phabricator Issue using CircleCI


I’m getting a {“message”:“Project not found”} message when Phabricator runs my build plan (using CircleCI plugin). It did work at some point but then started to fail and has not recovered. I checked that the github project the build is triggered from is setup proper (i.e. no third party restrictions as one of the posts suggested).

any ideas?


So I found that the webhook fails when using https://… to call phabricator with the build update, but its fine using http (after I opened it up on our phabricator server). Of course I don’t like this solution and wish only to use https. I can curl from the commandline ok using.
curl -i -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data “@bullshit.json” -X POST https://<domain>/harbormaster/hook/circleci/ > output.html

but circleci fails if using https to our system. I checked our certs and they seem fine. Hope someone has some ideas on how I can secure the webhook callback.

thanks folks!


So it turns out our cert. was old. There was no log information on our server and none from circleci other than unexpected exception.