Performance regression - high CircleCI load?


I noticed a performance regression on my builds starting about four days ago. Even with the exact same code and docker image, I see runtimes of approximately 2X longer than usual. This has caused some builds to fail and I can’t figure out what part of my code this could be. Has CircleCI been seeing abnormally high load lately that might cause builds to take longer?


There’s only been ~10 seconds difference for my ten-minute builds over the last week or so, so no change for me. Are you on machine or Docker? Circle 1.0 or 2.0?

Out of interest, do you know why this happens? Machine load variation on test boxes is normal, and should not cause tests to fail. Are these browser tests, or something that needs internal waits?

@ataber can you share some build links please if this is still happening? If they’re private, you can DM them to me or open a support ticket at and mention that Tom asked you to open a ticket.

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