Path-filtering - return success if no job was run

Just noticed a weird phenomena, related to this

For example lets say i have a mono repo,

And there is

And lets say I have rules on github, so the build for /client and /server has to pass before being merged,

The problem arises if for example I pushed only to /client

Then it returns:
/client - job success
/server - job waiting

Is there a way to return success if no changes were detected rather than not doing anything at all?

Hey, just wanna bump, not sure if someone even check this forum

You may find you can get an answer by going via the support page - their core team will provide support for any customer even those on the free plan, the only difference is the speed at which they provide support.

Many people providing help on these forums are users of the product and so can only provide information based on their personal experiences of the product.

I see,

would be cool if they just hired 1-3 people on full time to go through these forums, its like 300-400k tops in salary per year, and much better experience

thanks for your response, i will try there

Hello, exactly same question, did you find any solution ?