Monorepo path filtering can leave builds in error state at scale

Here is a scenario. Say I have a directory struture:

|_ a
|_ b

I have path filters and separate workflows for service/a and service/b.
I am on the main branch.

I make some modifications in service/a folder and the a workflow fails for some reason.
I now make modifications to service/b. The b workflow passes.

However, CircleCI’s path filtering doesnt know to run the a workflow again since that path was unchanged.
We now have a scenario where CircleCI is showing the monorepo is building fine, however there are services inside monorepo (service/a in this case) that are in error state.

In a a large monorepo with lots of services it can thus be impossible to see at a glance if every service in the monorepo is in ‘success’ state…


Would it be possible to raise a support ticket with our team using the link below and we will be happy to take a look into your config.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver