Path-filtering/filter persist checked out code

Hi there

We’ve started using CircleCI’s dynamic config with path-filtering/filter orb.
However, we noticed, our pipelines are now checking out the code twice:

  • once with check-updated-file under path-filtering/filter
  • second time, where we actually execute our build and test
    Is there some way to persist the first checkout for subsequent continue config/workflow/jobs?
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My man, I got the same issue, posted this

Path-filtering - return success if no job was run - still waiting for a response

and added comment here Advanced Logic in Config - #3 by Star

The latter is for the fact in case we cannot persist the previous build, then just want to run “echo success” or something.

They take very long to respond on this forum, but thumbs up for the question, i thought i was the only one.

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