Path filtering not building when files deleted

Hi all,
We started using the path filtering orb for one of our pipelines recently.

      - path-filtering/filter:
          name: check-updated-files
          mapping: |
            src/JG.Abc/.*    build-abc    true
            src/JG.Abc.Listener/.* build-abc-listener true
          base-revision: main
          config-path: .circleci/pipeline.yml

We have the above and it has been working fine but today we made a commit that removed 2 files.


And none of the pipelines ran when we pushed it. This feels like a bug?

Can’t see how to modify a post, but some more context.
A PR had 2 files (.txt) added by mistake. A commit deleted them. Following that commit, no pipeline ran. If our code relied on these 2 files being present and now they’re gone, the build would fail. This feels like a bug.

Can you confirm which version of the ORB you are using?

Most ORB support is handled on their GitHub pages as this causes issues to be alerted to the repo owner. For path-filtering this is

We’re using 1.0.0

Cheers, I’ll post there.