Passing values to parameters in the job

I have a job like below:

      - image: myimagexxxxxxxxxxxxx
        type: string
        default: "AWSAdministratorAccess"
        type: string
        default: "arn:aws:sso:::permissionSet/xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

I need to run this import for hundreds of permissionsets.
Is there a way to pass values into these from the UI? Basically not from the code but any other place?

When you say hundreds of permissionsets do you mean 100’s of different parameters being passed into the job or 100’s of different permissionsets depending on the task that you wish the job to process?

The latter one - passing 100 different parametersets to be imported. Need to pass them dynamically at run time, instead of hardcoding them somewhere in the file.

I do not know of any clean way to pass so many values into (or around) Circleci, as Circleci does not directly support any form of list parameter and commands do not support return values, which means you can not parse a string and return a value when using commands.

I’m not sure what the maximum length of a parameter string is, but you could pass all the values as a single string of key pairs and then use bash to find the value you want at the time you need it.

The idea of having support for lists has been on the Ideas site for a number of years, but there is no indication that it is being considered.