Passing new parameters from job

I am trying to pass a new parameter (lets say region) from job to a worker command. The parameter region is not passed from the workflow, instead it is a parameter that the command accepts from job.
so basically the flow is as follows:

dev workflow calls core_infra job with params (a, b, c). The core_infra job calls deploy_pulumi_stack with params (region, a, b, c)

dev ---(a, b, c)---> core_infra ----(region, a, b, c)---> deploy_pulumi_stack

Is this possible in circleCI today? I am getting the error below:

Error: Error calling workflow: 'dev'
Error calling job: 'core_infra'
Error calling command: 'deploy_pulumi_stack'
Unknown variable(s): region
make: *** [ci-verify] Error 255