How to pass different value for parameter while rerunning a workflow job

Hi, I am running a build job using CircleCI API which is the only possible way to execute a particular workflow job with parameters. Just to avoid calling CircleCI API multiple times I tried using Rerun option available in CircleCI Application. But every time it is picking same parameter values which were passed during first run through API. It seem there is no provision to edit parameter values in CircleCI application and rerun job again. Had it been there it would have eliminated need to rerun same job multiple times from CircleCI API with different parameter values. Please confirm if my understanding it correct or there is some way to do this?

I imagine that is by design, and not a fault. You could propose a feature request though.

It may be worth checking the API to see if there is any provision there.

Halfer, this is of course possible through CircleCI API but I want it to rerun via CircleCI App. It will save time and reduce complexity of typing API URL and subsequent errors due to typo if any. In case of CircleCI App we just need to click on rerun after modifying parameters (if it is possible). CURLing CircleCI API on the other hand in not user friendly for QA and other folks.

Write a script using your favourite programming language. Code is repeatable.

Sure - so just find a way of kicking a script off that is easy for them. They do not have to use curl.

(The point of my suggesting the API is that it might give you a solution now, based on a can-do attitude that believes anything is fixable. You can alternatively wait for a feature request that may never be implemented, holding up your CI indefinitely.)

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