Unknown variable(s): error

I have the below defined under my job. But when I run thru the web UI, I get Unknown variable(s) for all the variables defined under the parameter. What is wrong here?

      - image: myecrrepo/ansibleterraformpython3:tf0.12.18-1
        type: string
        default: "AWSAdministratorAccess"
        type: string
        default: "arn:aws:sso:::permissionSet/xxxxxx,arn:aws:sso:::instance/ssoins-xxxx"
        type: string
        default: "AWSAdministratorAccess"
        type: string
        default: "xxxxxx"
      - checkout
      - attach_workspace:
          at: ~/
      - add_ssh_keys: *add_ssh_keys_infra_modules
      - run: *infra_modules_checkout
      - run:
          name: Run Terraform import
          command: |
            . ~/.env
            ansible --version
            terraform --version
            TAG_NAMES=`git log -1 --pretty=%B | perl -nle 'print $1 if /\((.*)\)/'`
            echo $TAG_NAMES 
            terraform import aws_ssoadmin_permission_set.<< pipeline.parameters.aws_ssoadmin_permission_set>> << pipeline.parameters.aws_ssoadmin_permission_set_params >>
            terraform import aws_ssoadmin_account_assignment.<< pipeline.parameters.aws_ssoadmin_account_assignment >> << pipeline.parameters.aws_ssoadmin_account_assignment_params >>

When using a parameter in a job/command you address it as

<< parameters.aws_ssoadmin_permission_set>>

rather than

<< pipeline.parameters.aws_ssoadmin_permission_set>>

pipeline parameters are provided as part of the overall environment that your script runs in and so have a unique way of being addressed.

Would this work if want to pass values into those parameter variables from Environment variables? Also, if you could please point me to the documentation where this is detailed for my better understanding, thanks!

parameters are touched upon here

I think they suffer from not being as visible as pipeline parameters which are covered a lot in the docs.

Environment variables are another area and the term gets used to cover a number of solutions. The starting point for all these solutions is