Passing Command Output as Command Parameter

Is it possible to use the output from a shell command as the input for a CircleCI command?

EG, something like this:

    description: "Build package"
        type: string
      - run: ./build << parameters.version >>

        version: $(./

I don’t think directly, since the config is compiled before the job runs.

The community is pretty creative though, let’s see if anyone has come up with a workaround.

If not, this would be a good feature request for

Hmm… I just ran into this exact issue. Bummer to hear it’s not supported. Would storing the result in a variable and then passing that to the parameter work? Or does that run into the same issue?

@apeschel Did you ever figure out a workaround? Did you make an idea for it? I can’t find it to add my vote.

@drazisil Are the steps in commands fixed as well? I tried moving the output to be directly a part of the command but it’s still not interpreting it:

      - run: gcloud app deploy --quiet -v "v$(php artisan app:version --plain)" <<# >> --no-promote <</ >>

This gets run literally as:

gcloud app deploy --quiet -v "v$(php artisan app:version --plain)"

Your best bet here is probably to populate an env var or use a workspace and pass the name of that variable or workspace path to the next command.

Thanks @ndintenfass!

Turns out my particular issue was actually a the gcloud command not wanting periods in the version (I mean, periods in a version, how crazy is that?).

It would still be very cool to be able to pass output as a parameter!