Pass parameter or environmental variable to job or command name?

Is there any way to interpolate a parameter or environmental variable within a job or command name? We’ve started running jobs against multiple versions of Ruby (see We pass the version to the job as a parameter, and then set that as an environmental variable. I’d like to be able to see that version in either the job name or the command name (i.e. “Run Rspec using Ruby 2.5.5”) to make it easier to see what version might be failing. Is that possible? I have tried a few things, but it doesn’t appear that string interpolation is possible within a job or command name.

Hi there. This feature request is what you are looking for. It hasn’t been updated in a while because things and changing and we still don’t have a clear plan on how to make this work, but we are still capturing interest and it’s the best place to get updates.