Organization keeps reverting to the first one in the list


When I’m browsing between workflows and builds sometimes the organization reverts to the first one in the organization switcher and I get an empty list as a result because that organization doesn’t have any projects on CircleCI.

It is very confusing and annoying that the organization doesn’t stay selected.

Edit: It happens when I open a workflow because the workflow-run URL doesn’t include the organization, therefore the switcher defaults to the first organization! Then when I click back to workflows it shows the workflows of the wrong organization.


Also experiencing the same issue. The breadcrumbs do show the correct organization, but the dropdown in the top left does not.


Been experiencing this for as long as I can remember - at least the past year. Throws me off a lot.


To keep this updated here’s a screenshot of the issue:

The URL bar doesn’t contain the organization, I think that’s the main issue because I bet the navigation component reads the state from the URL:

Any confirmation from the CircleCI team would be appreaciated.


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