Organization keeps reverting to the first one in the list

When I’m browsing between workflows and builds sometimes the organization reverts to the first one in the organization switcher and I get an empty list as a result because that organization doesn’t have any projects on CircleCI.

It is very confusing and annoying that the organization doesn’t stay selected.

Edit: It happens when I open a workflow because the workflow-run URL doesn’t include the organization, therefore the switcher defaults to the first organization! Then when I click back to workflows it shows the workflows of the wrong organization.

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Also experiencing the same issue. The breadcrumbs do show the correct organization, but the dropdown in the top left does not.

Been experiencing this for as long as I can remember - at least the past year. Throws me off a lot.

To keep this updated here’s a screenshot of the issue:

The URL bar doesn’t contain the organization, I think that’s the main issue because I bet the navigation component reads the state from the URL:

Any confirmation from the CircleCI team would be appreciated.

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