Multiple Users show under "switch organisation"


As the image above shows, it says “Switch Organisation” and its hows me names of users who have been collaborators of mine in other projects.

This makes me feel very insecure about circle CI. am I doing something wrong? Why are these names appearing in that drop down?

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GitHub has a funny thing where a User also has a Personal Organization.
So user: craftybones (i think by default) also has organization: craftybones.

If you have access to other users’ projects (because you collaborated on a project) in their personal orgs, you’ll see their name (which again is also their name of their personal org).
So in this case, you state confusion on seemingly seeing user: sayalija - instead you are really seeing the fact that you have access to a project in org: sayalija.

I hope that makes sense!

Fair. However, those pages are hyperlinked. When clicking on them, a 404
gets thrown. Ideally, the best way is to only list organisations owned by
user. Though, I am not sure if the API lets you figure that out. Either
way, it is disconcerting, even if it is harmless.