I don’t know if this is the best way to reach you about this, but creating a support ticket for this would have been overkill. I did a pull request during Orbtoberfest but I haven’t heard back from you, and I wanted to know who can I contact to check that I did everything that was needed.

I can’t find any other reference to orbtoberfest, and the announcing post has like 6 replies, which is quite surprising, I would expect more mentions of the topic…

Hi, I did also 4 pull request, and fill twice the form. But i didn’t receive either any info, or feedback about that. And the PR are still opens

Hello @JSantos and @Elegidoadedo,

I have checked your statuses individually and will PM you with details.

(Please check your spam folders and mark any CircleCI emails related to Hacktoberfest as “not spam”)

@KyleTryon please also send me swag delivery status.