I don’t know if this is the best way to reach you about this, but creating a support ticket for this would have been overkill. I did a pull request during Orbtoberfest but I haven’t heard back from you, and I wanted to know who can I contact to check that I did everything that was needed.

I can’t find any other reference to orbtoberfest, and the announcing post has like 6 replies, which is quite surprising, I would expect more mentions of the topic…

Hi, I did also 4 pull request, and fill twice the form. But i didn’t receive either any info, or feedback about that. And the PR are still opens

Hello @JSantos and @Elegidoadedo,

I have checked your statuses individually and will PM you with details.

(Please check your spam folders and mark any CircleCI emails related to Hacktoberfest as “not spam”)

@KyleTryon please also send me swag delivery status.

Based on the email you are registered with on the forum you appear to have successfully completed the challenge and should be receiving swag. Please double check your spam email box for the notification email.

We will confirm the shipments and respond again shortly to confirm when swag has started to be delivered.

@KyleTryon I haven’t received my t shirt as well. Check my spam folder, there’s no email from circleci

Hello everyone,

Swag will be shipping within the next week. A second email will be going out within the next few days confirming your sawg has shipped.

Make sure to add " hacktoberfest@circleci.com" to your approved contacts.