Open question regarding container runner webinar

I’m posting this as an open question as other people may have been sent the same mail shot.

On 20th Feb I received an email titled “Only one week to go!” which has a tag line of "Just one more week to go before our webinar goes live! " that relates to a webinar regarding the container runner which also states “We are looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday at 1:00PM SGT”.

So it is clear from the message that something is happening just over a week from when the email was sent. Well, it is clear until you read the next paragraph which states “Register here to join us on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 1 pm SGT”.

So has this webinar been and gone with just over 24 hours’ notice, or is it due to take place on the 28th Feb?

Great question! I’m checking with our internal team and will hopefully have an answer soon!

@rit1010 sorry for the delay here. So this was a mixup and you shouldn’t have received the email (it was for JAPAC), plus it wasn’t edited fully and had some confusing messaging. That being said, here is the webinar recording if you, or anyone else, wants to review

Thanks, as I’ve not yet even started to look at k8s it was a good overview of what direction you are taking.

I’m also not a VScode user so the bit stuck on the end was also helpful.

Great to hear! Thanks

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