Only run single build on master

We are doing CI/CD and can quickly merge multiple branches to the master branch.
the problem is in our master branch we would typically have a workflow which builds and deploys to our production cluster.
If we merge 2 branches to master a few seconds apart then they will both be deployed to production at the same time and depending on other factors, perhaps the first build is deployed AFTER the second, meaning that production is out of sync with master

How can we restrict the master branch to a single build or executor at a time? so that builds are processed in merge order, not starting the second build until the first has completed successful

I see there are old threads similar in discussion but there still doesnt seem to be a general solution to this

Hi @wesleyjconnorsesame,

You can use this orb to run jobs and workflows sequentially. Another option is to leverage the Auto cancelling a redundant build and Skipping a Build features.

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