Nodejs release is failing



Hi ,
I am running nodejs app on circleci.
Circleci machine is not installing node modules according to my package.json file
for exm-
one of my module mentioned in package.json is like -
“loopback-connector-mongodb”: “1.13.3”

but circleci machine is installing 1.15.2

and 1.15.2 is not stable version and my application is failing … when I start my application on local … everything is working as I want.

Another question-
node version i am mentioning in circle.yml is 4.4.2(which is i am using on my local machine)…
on circleci screen log it shows like its doing everything with this node version… but when i do ssh to circleci machine using ssh -p 64580 ubuntu@
and run node --version
it shows v0.10.33 … would be great if some one explains this also.