New Xcode 9.0 Image - Node.js, Yarn, Simulators



We are releasing a new version of our Xcode 9.0 image to fix some incompatibilities with macOS Sierra and iOS Simulators.

The image includes changes to that we have made as we prepare to launch macOS support on CircleCI 2.0 platform.

This new image will be rolled out in place of the current image, and may have some breaking changes if you use Node.js in your build.

Firstly, the new image will contain Node.js and the Yarn package manager. These have been installed on the image using homebrew. The image will contain Node.js version 8.6.0 and Yarn version 1.1.0. This are the most commonly installed packages during builds, and the most frequently requested for installation in our base image.

Please note: if you are running brew install node or brew install yarn during a macOS build on CircleCI, the install command will fail once the new image rolls out, since the packages are already present. The most simple work-around is to remove the brew install command from your circle.yml file.

The new image also has a smaller disk size. The total disk size is now 50gb, of which 25gb is free space.

The updated software manifest is here:

Please let us know if you have any questions!