Need some examples/best practices for Windows VM deployment

My requirement is to deploy .net application to windows VM using CircleCI deployment. Most of the deployment examples/references in the documentation point to hosting platforms like AWS/Azure. Couldn’t find much information on how to deal with standard VM based deployment. Can you please point me to the right examples/approach to use for this. Any suggestions will be of great help.

The CircleCI scripting language is not designed to handle OS setup or application deployment. Instead, you would operate from a command line shell.

The complication comes from what tools you then use within the command line shell, with command tool sets including Ansible and Terraform. Both of these have rather steep learning curves and their own example sites. Another complication is that many examples have a Linux focus, which will not be that helpful for a Windows-based deployment.

One thing you do not say, is whether you looking to create the VM as part of the deployment or will the VM already exist. If the VM is already running an a recent version of Windows the following maybe a good starting point

Having SSH access to your Windows systems via public key authentication would provide a high level of security and once setup you could execute command line statements against the Windows system from the CircleCI script.

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