Deploy with CircleCI to Windows Azure

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I have Question for you guy’s go through it!

I have an app server in Windows Azure (VM) and want CircleCI to deploy code to the server on a code update. The code lives in GitHub. I currently have CircleCI set to run build on a code push, how do I get it to essentially do a git pull on the Microsoft Azure VM? I’m assuming over SSH? (I’ve added an SSH key to the project in CircleCI.)


If you are hosting an app direct from a Git repo, one approach you could take is to merge builds that pass into a deploy branch. In your VM, you could pull every hour regardless of whether new commits. In most cases this will just be a no-op, but when new commits are available, it will pull them into your production repo.

Certainly, you could do the pull over SSH, but I wonder if a scheduler is simpler?

Whether you merge to a deploy branch manually (CI) or automatically (CD) is up to you.