Deploy to Azure from CircleCI

Hi all,

I’ve already posted this on Stackoverflow as I didn’t realise there was a forum here. I hope nobody minds me cross-posting it.

I’m using CircleCI for the first time and having trouble publishing to Azure.

The docs don’t have an example for Azure, they have an example for AWS and a note for Azure saying “To deploy to Azure, use a similar job to the above example that uses an appropriate command.”

If anybody has an example yaml file that would be great, if not a nudge in the right direction would be handy. So far I think I’ve worked out the following.

  1. I need a config that will install the Azure CLI

  2. I need to put my azure deployment credentials in an environment variable and

  3. I need to run a deploy command in the yaml file to zip up all the right files and deploy to my Azure app service.

I have no idea if the above is correct, or how to do it, but that’s my understanding right now.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

EDIT: Just to add a little more info, the AWS version of the config file used the following command…

  • run:
    name: Deploy to S3
    command: aws s3 sync jekyll/_site/docs s3://circle-production-static-site/docs/ --delete

So I guess I’m looking for the Azure equivalent.

Would you add links here and there, to allow people to check what has been said already, to avoid readers making duplicate answers?

Are you familiar with Linux? Search for “Azure console command Linux”, that should get you some hits.

Click on the cog icon of your CI project and go to “Environment Variables”.

If you only need to do zipping, a zip command would be fine. If you have access to a Linux command line, do man zip to find out what switches you need.

Thanks halfer,

As somebody pointed out on StackOverflow, I don’t think my question is really CircleCi related, I just think I need to learn how to use Azure CLI on Linux as I’m a Windows user.

I’ll try all of your suggestions. Many thanks.


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