MySql 5.6 Trusty no longer installs

Hello, i add Oracle Mysql REPO then do install on a classic style VM image, during my build process. However today. This no longer works and i get :

E: Unable to locate package mysql-community-client
E: Unable to locate package mysql-community-server
Exited with code 100

any ideas?
steps below


sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/mysql-build.gpg adv --keyserver --recv 0x5072E1F5 || sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/mysql-build.gpg adv --keyserver --recv 0x5072E1F5
sudo bash -c “echo ‘deb xenial mysql-5.6’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mysql-community.list”
sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install -y libmysqlclient-dev libmysqlclient18 mysql-client mysql-common mysql-community-client mysql-community-server --no-install-recommends

I would first try getting a shell onto the post-failed build, and experimenting with the name of the install. You can use apt-cache search mysql | grep server to find some possible install candidates.

Are you on a Machine executor?

Yes i am on a machine executor.

it looks like mysql-community-server & mysql-community-client were removed from the repo?

Does this sound right?

Possibly, but I rarely use Machine, so I could not say. It may be worth noting that it may not have been CircleCI who removed it - they will take changes from an upstream provider like Debian, and they will (not) get what they are (not) given.

If you know that the image was Debian Trusty, then many people have had problems with that - the root cause may be that Trusty was archived by Debian, which forced many people to bump up to the next major release. I wonder if the default Machine image was bumped up by CircleCI? Have a look on this forum.

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