More customizable env vars

Hey guys. I have a little question about env vars in CircleCI project settings. How can I add different values of env var for each git branch?

There is no clean automated way to do this, but you can either add them manually from the project settings, or add them as a part of your circle.yml.

Thanks for answer. But I think will be better if we can separate business-logic and important data. Because not all developers should have access for that data.

It perfectly clear that we can add vars in project settings, etc. Question is that some logic is needed in CircleCI to fetch correct variable(s) from a list based on a git branch for which we’re doing a build right now.
Do you plan to improve that somehow in Circle 2.0? Would be really nice to do that somewhere in GUI or at least in circle.yml. At the moment only way is to use shell scripts, and that ain’t funny.

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