Can't access environment variables in shell scripts

Hi all!

I’m new to CircleCi so hopefully I’m just missing something obvious but I can’t seem to access any of the environment variables I created in the settings GUI.

Say I have the config of:

branch: development

  • ./

The script runs and but anytime I try and access an environment variable with $MY_ENV_VAR it is empty.

(also, fwiw printenv works and doesn’t show my custom env variables either.)

Is this even possible?

Thanks for the help!

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Did you find a resolution or workaround for this?

Seeing this I think of the following questions:

  1. How are you setting these variables?
  2. Are the variable names using anything other than alphanumeric characters?
  3. Is this a fork/PR build?
  4. Was a new build (from a new commit) done in order to test for the environment variable?
  1. Setting in GUI on for Jest repo.
  2. No, just alpha numeric keys.
  3. This is a PR build and I’m SSHing into the session. In my case I am unable to echo $ENVVAR.
  4. These keys have been here prior.

@ericnakagawa and @ktstowell can you take a look at this post and let me know if its the same issue that I answered there: Gemnasium and CircleCI - GEMNASIUM_TOKEN seems to not get picked up

If this is not a forked PR build, please give me a build URL so I can take a look.

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Ah, yes. In my case it is a forked PR! The justification makes sense. Any way for this to be added to docs?

Where would you expect to see this information being added in Docs? To the page about environment variables? A page explaining all about forks and PRs and how settings might change? Something else?

This is actually in the docs, but might be buried away somewhere.

cc @FelicianoTech maybe we can find a better place to put this?