Env vars from project vs. circle.yml


Is there a way to make project defined environment variables available to environment variables being set in the machine: environment: section of a circle.yml file?

I’d like to set an environment variable in my circle.yml based on one defined in the CircleCI project. If that makes sense?



The circle.yml file allows bash, so you should just be able to reference the env in it the way you would normally. Each command runs a separate shell though, so you will need to make sure it’s set somewhere like your .bashrc file so bash can find it.

Let me give an example; I have a project in which I have configured (under Project Settings - Build Settings) an Environment Variable called MY_ENV with a value of ‘Foo’. In my circle.yml file I then have:

        ENV1: "$(if [ <SOME_CONDITION> ]; then echo Bar; else echo $MY_ENV; fi)"

I’ve found that if <SOME_CONDITION> evaluates to false then ENV1 has a blank value (rather than the intended value of ‘Foo’).

Looking at the build output, under the ‘MACHINE’ section I see ‘Exporting env vars from circle.yml’. After that I see ‘Exporting env vars from project settings’. To me, this suggests that any environment variables defined in Project Settings - Build Setting will not be available to the machine - environment section of the circle.yml.

Unless there’s a way to do some sort of lazy evaluation…

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