Manual trigger doesn't run job

The final job in my workflow is to deploy to a production environment. It’s gated by a manual trigger, but it doesn’t seem to be firing off the actual job. I get the dialog that asks if I want to run this job. I click confirm and see the job get marked as complete in the workflow. The workflow gets marked as “SUCCEEDED”, but the final job doesn’t actually run for some reason…

When I remove the “type: approval” from my config.yml and push to retrigger the workflow, it works. There’s no indication of an error so it’s pretty hard to debug what is going on here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to get this manual trigger working!

Ahh solved my own issue. For anyone else who runs into this problem, make sure to create a separate job to handle approvals aside from your custom created ones…

  • The hold job must be a unique name not used by any other job.
  • that is, your custom configured jobs, such as build or test1 in the example above wouldn’t be given a type: approval key.

It would be nice to get some kind of error if what I attempted was not intended!

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