MacOS trial cancellation

My company was testing the macos trial for uploading iOS builds automatically with fastlane. The 14 day trial has ended and we decided not to renew as we won’t need the functionality for perhaps another month or two and now we’re seeing the following error:

This is preventing any of our builds from running, despite having a separate paid plan for linux based testing.

On the plan page there is no option to cancel the macos plan, only to purchase a variation of the plan. Does anyone know how to just cancel the macos plan without purchasing a month of it?

I’d run with this:

I ended up contacting the support team and they had to cancel the trial for me.

After that the builds were still failing and they linked me to the “Build Environment” section of the project settings where the “Build macos project” setting had to be turned off.

Leaving this here so anyone else can find it without going through support. It’s somewhat frustrating that this setting isn’t particularly well documented.

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