Cannot test an iOS deploy during trial period

I have a trial with Circle CI for my company Kenect. During this trial, we are experimenting with the process of deploying our mobile app to apple developer using fastlane. We setup our fastlane lanes and made our config file using the macos 9.3.0 docker image. However, when we run the workflow, we get this error:

Sorry! Your build didn’t run because it looks like you haven’t selected a macOS plan yet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in support.

Our trial agent asked us to make this ticket so he could pass it to support. I can provide our config.yml file and our Fastfile if we need to.

This is the community board; can you file a proper ticket? You can use the Submit a Request button from the menu at the top.

I have now created a ticket. I was under the impression that only paid accounts could do so. If this forum topic can be closed I cannot see how I can do so, but I will wait on the ticket.