macOS Safari pinned tab icon

Ok, first of all, not that important, but anyhow:

Got myself a new macbook pro with touch bar. In safari this shows, when opening a new tab, small icons of my favorites. CircleCI is one of those, but for some reason the icon used is the bleck logo, on a black background. Github for example has a nice white logo, and other sites without settings are showing just a letter of their name.

Using you can easily create the correct tags and image versions to fix this, and even make the favicon retina, which it is not at the moment.



Hey Roderik,

I’m about to receive one of those too and I will talk to our designers and see what we can do to resolve this favicon crisis. I really want that myself as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!


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Hi Roderik,

I’m just writing you to tell you that earlier today I have received my new MacBook Pro. I went immediately ahead and investigated this favicon outage.

The root cause for this issue has been identified and I will talk to our lovely designers on Monday on how to tackle these issues.



I pin my current project’s circle builds, GitHub repo, Tracker project and other relevant links in Safari. I’d love to see a CircleCI logo in place of the ‘C’ in the attached screenshot.

+1 from me as well.

Looks like you guys already have an SVG of your logo, so no new design work needed. Here’s a link to Apple’s documentation: