Logging in with different organizations on different browsers breaks followed projects and other sessions

What’s broken

  1. Log into CircleCI with permissions to an org from one browser
  2. Follow some of its projects
  3. Log in without granting access to that org in a different browser
  4. CircleCI unfollows all of those projects and sends emails that “You have lost access to repo in org”.
  5. Your first session can still browse CircleCI’s dashboard inside the org, but none of the pages (Projects, Insights, Releases, etc.) will render content. You need to log out and log back in and grant org access to do anything within the org.

Why I want this

My employer uses CircleCI. I use CircleCI for some personal projects. I use the same GitHub account for work and for personal projects. I don’t want to grant access to my organization when logging into CircleCI from my personal computer. However, this unfollows all of my projects in my organizational account. When I next log into my work browser I often need to reauthenticate and grant access to the org and then I need to manually refollow all of my projects. I also get spammed with “You have lost access to project in org” emails when this happens.