Local `circleci build` command ignores checkout path


CircleCI CLI version: 0.0.5894-01cdb92

I would like my project directory to be a child of the working directory (the project has two sibling directories which have to be downloaded in order to be built successfully).

My config.yml looks like this:

version: 2
        - image: myorg/my-container
       - checkout:
            path: $CIRCLE_WORKING_DIRECTORY/my-project
       - run: git pull https://github.com/myorg/sibling-repo-1
       - run: git pull https://github.com/myorg/sibling-repo-2
       - run: cd sibling-repo-2; build-cmd

Where sibling-repo-2's build-cmd uses a relative directory which refers to my-project

This is currently failing when run locally, seemingly because the checkout path is being ignored.

This is a duplicate of an issue from a year ago, but that topic was closed and it appears that the problem hasn’t been fixed.