[bug] circleci build command ignores checkout path config



I have a circle 2.0 config that looks like:

version: 2
      - image: binded/ci:1.0.0
    working_directory: /ci
      - setup_remote_docker
      - checkout:
          path: /ci/repo
      - run: pwd && ls -al
      - run: make build

My base image (binded/ci:1.0.0) has a Makefile in /ci/Makefile and I tell circle to checkout the code in /ci/repo. This works as expected on CircleCI. However, when I run the build locally with circleci build, it is not putting my code in /ci/repo but instead putting it in /ci, overwriting the Makefile. The expected behavior would be for circleci build to use checkout.path as the path to put the code instead of working_directory if it is set.

Is the circleci CLI code open source? I’d be happy to attempt a pull request.


Local `circleci build` command ignores checkout path

Not at this time.

The reason that happens is because the checkout step is ignored in a local build. This is definitely an interesting bit of functionality; I’ll file a bug report.


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