Loading cache in self-rolled docker container fails

Loading saved cache into self-rolled docker container gives permission denied error, tried to access root user as the self-rolled container does not allow root user but a non-root user.

Can we see some build logs to understand the problem? There’s nothing to go on here.

Here’s the job where restoring cache failed: https://circleci.com/gh/neomatrix369/awesome-graal/79

Any update on this one?

If I were debugging this issue, I’d try deleting the .git folder after the checkout and before trying to save it to the cache.

How would that take away the permission issues?

Ah, I see - it’s a whole project, not just the Git folder. I had theorised that Git folders were treated differently by CircleCI within the checkout command (and thus that you should do a Git export so that the Git folders are not carried into the cache).

Another thing is - do you have anything in that folder already? I imagine that if you were to restore a cache on top of existing files, that might cause problems. Do an ls -a in this folder in a separate run step prior to attempting to restore the cache. It looks like tar wants to mkdir /root/project/mx, so I assume this should not exist at all prior to the cache op.

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