Docker builds unable to access files from restore_cache

Hi - I’m new to CircleCI and maybe i’ve missed some documentation but the issue I’m having is that when I use save_cache and then restore_cache in a later step that is also using setup_remote_docker, the files that are unarchived from the cache are not accessible from inside the docker build and fail with no such file or directory

It seems that docker cannot access the directories or any files inside it:

Step 7/23 : COPY /home/bryan/service/node_modules/express/ /usr/local/app/
COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder085726652/service/node_modules/express/ no such file or directory

Any files that come from checkout or files that are created during the build are accessible just fine.

I’ve confirmed that the files do exist on the filesystem in the build and have printed the contents in a step to confirm they are readable.

I also have this issue – seems completely undocumented.