CIrcleCi failed to restore cache

Our builds started failing today randomly when it tried to restore a cache. During the cache restore the it seems that the restore is not happening and thus when the job goes to perform the steps against the directory it expects it fails since the cache didn’t restore it. Circleci shows that the save cache step completes successfully, but not the restore. Blow is what i’m seeing in the restore cache step…

Found a cache from build 7694 at my-directory-artifact-v1-123724cf-a26f-4aa5-a6f0555c64d26dec8
Size: 24 KiB
Cached paths:
  * /home/circleci/project/stage/mytarfile

Downloading cache archive...
Validating cache...

Unarchiving cache...
Skipping writing "home/circleci/project/stage/mytarartifact" - open /home/circleci/project/stage/mytarartifact: no such file or directory

Has anyone seen this issue before. Any advice on what might be happening

Hi @junior_ee,

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue.

We have rolled back a change on our end about an hour ago, but could you confirm for me if you are still running into this error with new builds?

@aaronclark Looks like the last build finished successfully! Thanks for the quick response, I didn’t notice anything in the status page so I thought it was something on our end.