Cannot restore dependency cache in CircleCI Enterprise

I am unable to restore any dependecny cache in CircleCI enterprise whereas caching works for the exact same code (commit) in Even a simple text file /home/ubuntu/my_cache/test.txt does not get restored. The whole my_cache directory does not get restored. What might be the issue? I have tried clearing the cache and running the build without cache. That doesn’t help.
Of course I have added /home/ubuntu/my_cache to cached_directories section in ‘dependencies’ of my circle.yml.

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Having the same issue:

        - "downloads"
        - "vendor"

1st build shows that the described folders are cached

Save cache

Creating dependency cache from the following paths:
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/.bundle
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/.cache/bower
  ✓ /home/ubuntu/.go_workspace
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/.gradle
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/.ivy2
  ✓ /home/ubuntu/.m2
  ✓ /home/ubuntu/MyProject/downloads
  ✓ /home/ubuntu/MyProject/vendor
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/MyProject/vendor/bundle
  ✗ /home/ubuntu/virtualenvs
Creating source cache from the following paths:
  ✓ /home/ubuntu/MyProject/.git

2nd Build (Retry, with cache) didnt restore these folders:

Restore cache

restoring cache v6/os:linux-trusty/github/blub/MyProject/dependency/mybranch/896/3mI_Ea_N5_H5M4jX3ap6Ug__.tar.gz
restoring home/ubuntu/.m2, home/ubuntu/.go_workspace