Cache restore step fails

Hello, currently we are experiencing problems with restore_cache step on our project (stardust-ui) - for the last ~8-10 hours. Here is the error output:

We have considered to review the following page in an attempt to address the problem: , but, unfortunately, haven’t found any similarities to our case, as:

  • we are using the Docker convenience image, specifically - circleci/node:8-browsers
  • thus, we are not expecting any issues related to the fact that ‘save’ and ‘restore’ operations will be run under users with different set of permissions
  • these save/restore steps were working for us over the last several months, and this problem, supposedly, have started to appear after recent release of circleci/node:8-browsers image

Apparently, given the error message, there is an attempt to restore cache from the root dir - and, frankly, we have no clue on why it happens (as both ‘save’ and ‘restore’ steps serve as Circle CI abstraction over this process).

May we, please, kindly ask for your assistance in the problem’s resolution? Also, please, let me know if any additional data/artifacts should be provided to aid the investigation. Thanks!

I imagine this merits a support ticket, as it will likely require an CircleCI engineer to examine logs. Consider dropping a line to with all the details/URLs.

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Hi there. I second what Jon said, but this is commonly seen when saving the cache on one image/OS and trying to restore to another where the user (and hence file permissions) are not the same.