Linux Machine Started to fail on the VPN setup

Looks like our build started to fail during the vpn setup. Nothing has changed on our end and was wondering if someone else is experiencing the same issue. Looks like circle ci is failing to create the config.ovpn file and the openvpn.log file in the tmp directory and thus causing the the openvpn connection to fail. Any advice on how to fix the issue or what might of caused it to start failing today.
Here is the command that is failing on
name: VPN Setup
background: true
command: |
echo $VPN_CLIENT_CONFIG | base64 --decode > /tmp/config.ovpn

sudo openvpn --config /tmp/config.ovpn
–route $phone_home net_gateway
–route net_gateway | tee /tmp/openvpn.log


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Without the config file it is hard to tell, but if you do anything like (having to guess that you use Linux) ‘apt update’ or ‘apt install’ at the start of your process a lot could have changed that is outside of the basic environment that circleci controls.

You may want to add a few debug commands into the script so that their output gets logged by circleci. The fact that you are saying that an echo statement can not write to a /tmp based file would have me checking the current rights on /tmp

we got same issue. On Windows executor with vpn we got no issues but on Linux Machines.