Libpango fails install

When installing libpango-1.0-0, the install fails on the container. It’s failing because upstart-job is not present however, it is removing upstart (which contains upstart-job) during the install. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve created a repo with the failing example. My circle.yml file can be found there.

Here is also the resulting output of the failure:

From what I see, the only error right now is

Errors were encountered while processing:

Is that right? If so, I would ignore that error by appending ; true to the end of the last apt-get command:

    - sudo apt-get install netbase libpango-1.0-0 --fix-missing; true

This is definitely a hack, but this should work, unless you need the cron package to be fully functional in the build.

I don’t need cron for that build. I will use this. Thanks for the response.

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