Lack of support


Signed up for a paid plan in hopes of getting some actual support from CircleCI on this longstanding issue (these are all the same issue):

Once I signed up for a paid plan, the support link/icon in the dashboard disappeared. As far as I could tell, it’s not possible to open a ticket with the support team.

At this point, I think we’re going to have to move on to CodeShip or some other solution. It’s too bad, because other than the blocking issue above, it’s a great service.


That doesn’t sound right. You can open a support ticket by emailing

If you can, two tickets sound in order here. First and foremost, for the deployment issue. Secondly, for this support icon that you said disappeared. A screenshot might be useful (and browser info) for that second ticket.

There’s no way we would purposely remove Support for paid customers so that is clearly some sort of bug that needs to be fixed.


Screen shot attached. Note the blank space where the support icon was when I you’re on the free plan. Steps to reproduce are to simply upgrade from a free to a paid plan then refresh the dashboard. If you downgrade back to a free plan, the icon returns.

I’ll submit a bug to support on the build order issue via email.