Builds being run out-of-order

Yesterday CircleCI ran my builds out-of-order:

Evidently I am not the first one to experience this:

WTF guys? This is a basic requirement of a CI tool. What are you even doing over there that you screwed this up? Jenkins is starting to look pretty good.

We’ve been experiencing this too and it’s been a huge headache in our dev process, especially since we use CircleCI to push the build to our testing server. If multiple pull requests are merged in at around the same time, there’s no telling which version of the code will end up on staging. More often than not, a build from an earlier commit ends up being pushed last, wiping out a newer build.

This is enough of an issue that we’re likely going to need to look at a different CI service. I would really appreciate it if someone from CircleCI could comment. I see that there have been multiple tickets opened on this issue and no comment from anyone at Circle CI.