Deployment order wrong

We’ve configured automatic deployments but recently bumped into an issue regarding deployment order of our queued builds. One earlier build got deployed after a later build, meaning the final deploy caused the latest updates to be removed from the live site. This got completely unnoticed since both builds was successful (but deployments were executed in ‘wrong’ order).

We’re currently on a free plan with only 1x container, meaning we’re expecting our builds to not run in parallel. However, this might not be the case when we decide to scale our containers meaning we’ll need to make sure the deployments are executed in the right order even when using several containers and running in parallel.

When looking at the builds in retrospect it seems like all builds doesn’t relate to the same queues (why is that?). We have also experienced several builds running in parallel at times even though we only have 1x container atm.

We can’t find any documentation explaining how to configure parallelism and deployments to make sure things are deployed in the correct order. Can you please explain what we need to do to ensure our builds gets deployed in the expected order?

I can point at the exact builds if it would help to better understand what have happened in our specific case.


Just ran in to the same issue, so it seems to still be a problem–deploy #1241, pushed several minutes before #1239, deployed after #1239. This caused a major feature of our application to be broken for several minutes while the API change rolled out. The lack of reliability in build order is…concerning.

Experiencing this as well. We also use CircleCI for deployment, and this has made a total mess of our QA process.