Jenkinsfile Converter Preview Release

We’re excited to announce the preview release of the CircleCI Jenkinsfile Converter, a web tool that allows you to easily convert a Jenkinsfile to a CircleCI config.yml, helping you get started on building on CircleCI quickly and easily.

Currently, the converter only supports declarative Jenkinsfiles. While the number of supported plug-ins and steps continue to be expanded, we hope that this tool gets you started and makes it easier for you to get started on building on CircleCI.

Instructions on how to use the tool, features, and limitations are located in our documentation.

A number of steps are not transferable, and we are not planning on supporting every publicly available Jenkins plugin. We are working around this for the time being by defaulting to an “unsupported command” comment that is written into the config.yml while also pointing to our public documentation.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please create a new thread in the Ecosystem category and tag it with the jenkins-converter tag. Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted through Zendesk.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Thank you, and happy building!